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The Great Dane Puppy Handbook {60+ pages}

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Here is a short list of just some of the topics covered in this 60+ page eBook:

  • Feeding a Great Dane
  • Hygiene and grooming
  • Diarrhea sources and treatment
  • Tips for puppy biting
  • Dane-proofing your home
  • Potty training
  • Veterinary care and medical decisions
  • Purchases to consider
  • Where to find a dog

Bringing home a new Great Dane is one of the happiest moments for a new owner. However, this happiness can quickly turn to chaos as the puppy mayhem takes over…

From puppy biting, diarrhea, and food choices, the list of questions and issues can feel endless…

As frustrating as this can be – I was right there with you many years ago! I felt overwhelmed by the decisions and issues, and my initial happiness after bringing my dog home turned to despair.

I had waited years to bring home this Great Dane, and all I wanted was to give them the best care, but I felt completely lost… There were literally NO resources available that answered my Great Dane puppy questions!

Fast forward several years, and I started this website to begin answering the many questions that I had as a new Great Dane owner. Not only did I document the information that I had learned, but I started to hear from other new owners about the issues that they were experiencing as well!

After helping hundreds of thousands of readers, some clear patterns emerged.

To save you time, money, and your own sanity – I put all of these details into one simple and easy to read book called “The Great Dane Puppy Handbook“.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted when we got our first Great Dane! But unfortunately for us, there was unfortunately nothing like it available…

This book is jam-packed with helpful information, tips, tricks, and timesavers that will not only save you money but help you have a better relationship with your dog.

I want you to avoid these pitfalls and have a happy and healthy relationship with your Great Dane from its first day until its last.

All of this information has been distilled into simple chapters that make it easy for you to understand, take action, and feel at ease with your Great Dane.

Caring for a Great Dane over the course of their lifetime will cost thousands of dollars.

For just a tiny fraction of that cost, you can get access to The great dane puppy handbook that will lower that cost by sparing you from making bad purchases and preventing expensive medical bills!

Last but not least, it will help to put your mind at ease.

Get Your Copy Now Risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you with no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5

46 customer ratings


Tammy   Verified Purchase
My husband and I have had Great Danes for a number of years, but this book has been so helpful and provided a lot of information we never knew! Thank you for sharing so much!


Brian   Verified Purchase
A lot of great information without added “fluff” to make it longer. I feel very comfortable bringing my pup home with this great resource.


Charles   Verified Purchase
Very good information. Leard new information. Very good overall.


Lori   Verified Purchase
Although the book is fantastic… My Dane is 9 and a half months old and the book didnt help me much. It would have been great to have all this info when he was much younger. My boy Moose is the best pup ever!!! I support all good info out there to help new Dane owners.


Steve   Verified Purchase
A great book for beginners with any dogs & people with their first “giant breed”. I’d like to add the danger of tail wags to toddlers & young kids – the tail is at their head height & can cause quite few problems – as well as clearing coffee tables & other low/medium shelves. Great Danes also can’t seem to understand that just because they’ve got their head somewhere it doesn’t mean that their body will follow & fit, so they have a tendency to move furniture. This becomes even more of a problem if their wearing the “cone of shame” after surgery because it’s the size of a small satellite dish. The other addition would be to toilet training. Use a different phrase for pooping & you can get your dog to piddle & poop (I use “go toilet” & “go poops”) on command making travelling much easier. It also makes cleaning up much easier. My current Great Dane puppy, now 19 weeks old, was toilet trained in 1 & 1/2 weeks after I’d got him home. He takes himself out if he needs to go on top of me taking home out first thing in the morning & before bed, though I’ll usually take him out for poops just before or just after breakfast or dinner as well.


Camille   Verified Purchase
This is my second Great Dane ,he is now 7 months… It is a great refresher for me and some new things I did not know from having my first Great Dane. They are all so different. Highly recommend for first time Dane owners. Information from an actual Great Dane owner is always helpful. They are such magnificent creatures.


T Walker   Verified Purchase
This is a great book for the new great dane family good information in a use full format.


Jim   Verified Purchase
Great easy book to read. Lots of useful information to get started with and point you in needed directions for more in depth information. My wife and I love your videos and give Gus a big thumbs up!! Toss him a treat from Lug Nut in Alaska. FYI That’s our new pups name. Stay Daney!!


Rodney   Verified Purchase
I have had 2 Great Danes through the years they were both males this one is a beautiful blue female. I was having trouble house training her because the pups peed and pooped in there concrete pad where they stayed and this book is really helping with that and getting my wife to understand her. She has fallen in love with her.


Hussein   Verified Purchase
Very helpful and just perfect for when you are getting a puppy Great Dane.


Dawn   Verified Purchase
This will be my first Great Dane puppy. I’m the type of person that has to do at least a year of research to have the best for my animals. The book was a huge help, I watch the YouTube videos and started purchasing items for her. I can’t wait to start this adventure.


Hope   Verified Purchase
The book is really fantastic! We’ve had many dogs but just adopted our first Great Dane puppy and I had a million questions! I’ve already relied heavily on the book for just about everything from eating and nail care to thinking about crates and training! I also love the videos with Zach and Gus! This book is perfect — jam packed with information but also as quick read and easy reference tool! Thank you!


Kimberly   Verified Purchase
This is a well thought out and informative read. I do recommend this if you have never owned a Great Dane before!


Brittney   Verified Purchase
Super helpful!! (: so excited to be a new Great Dane dog mom (:


Cecilia   Verified Purchase
I’m so glad I found this book + YouTube channel! Really knowledgeable about the breed and their needs! This book has been great and has a lot information about bringing our Great Dane puppy into the home he needs and deserves.


Diane   Verified Purchase
The book was very helpful, consistent with what the breeder, the vet and other owners have told us. You might want to add something about driving in the car and suggestions on securing them etc. Thank you!


Cindy   Verified Purchase
So helpful! I am fostering a Great Dane puppy from a shelter who has stolen my heart and will become a permanent part of my home. This book was an easy read and full of so much useful information for a new Great Dane Mom. I would highly recommend it!


Janece   Verified Purchase
This book had wonderful information on great Dane behavior and training suggestions. I was a little disappointed in the depth of the information.


Shadae   Verified Purchase
As someone who is researching and wanting to learn more about the breed before getting my own Great Dane, this book has helped answer so many questions and concerns! I can’t wait to use all this knowledge when I finally bring a puppy home!


Carlie   Verified Purchase
My family and I have raised many dogs over the past 25 years, but never a Great Dane. My husband has always wanted a Great Dane, and now we have an adorable fawn puppy! This breed specific puppy book was a fantastic purchase, and helped fill in the blanks for me and my family. Thank you so much for this wonderful book.


Lacey   Verified Purchase
Good info amd a good starting place!!


Chris   Verified Purchase
Although we have raised 4 great danes from puppies previously, I learned a lot by reading through this book in a day. Extremely helpful. Thank you!


Karen   Verified Purchase
Informative, easy to understand!


Mark   Verified Purchase
Everything you need to know about your new shadow! Saba will be 8 months tomorrow and is my partner and she jumps in the van loves the road trips. Read this experienced authors recommendations and enjoy your new life!


Paul   Verified Purchase
I thought it was a good book and a real good reference for Great Danes. I like how you give info in easy to understand format. Thanks for your work in getting the word out on how great Great Danes are. BTW, we just got 2 GD puppies a few weeks ago both girls. Lyca and Jetta, both black with small white spot on their chest and one has a little white on each hind foot and the other has a little white on her hind heels, it can only be seen from the rear. Thanks again and I subscribed to your YouTube channel and I really like the free bonus material.


Ken   Verified Purchase
Good basic breed specific info


Claire   Verified Purchase
Great book! We just added our first Great Dane puppy into our household. Some of the things that I had concerns with were addressed in the book, such as biting and feeding. These dogs grow so quickly and it was great to have such a comprehensive resourse to help us with her now and as she continues to grow. Thank you!


Michael   Verified Purchase
Incredible book if you’re planning on bringing home a Great Dane puppy!


Mason   Verified Purchase
Expecting a new dane puppy in November, super glad I found this book to help prepare me for what’s to come!


Erik   Verified Purchase
My puppy is just born, so it will be other 2 months till he will arrive at our home. Your book, suggestions and videos are helping us a lot by the preparations before his arrival. Thanks a lot!


Shannon   Verified Purchase
Love the book. Very informative. I am going to use what you have suggested.


Vicki   Verified Purchase
Loved the book! We are expecting to bring our Great Dane puppy (Cooper) home the end of this month. Being a first time Dane owner, this book is extremely informative and provides useful information to help us prepare for our new addition to our family.


Snjezana   Verified Purchase
It is a great handbook. Give me a complete idea of what to expect before bringing my baby giant home!


Mike   Verified Purchase
This book has a lot of great information in it! As someone who has owned dogs in the past, there is new information here that I, simply, hadn’t ever thought about. Everything is presented in a clear and concise manner. This is a must-read for any new Great Dane owner. Really though, the information would be helpful to a new dog owner of any breed!


Rod   Verified Purchase
This e-book is a quick and easy read for the beginner Dane owner. It covers a diversity of important topics in comprehensible language.


Stephen   Verified Purchase
From finding Gus and Zach on YouTube, to ordering book. The approach Zach takes, coupled with his knowledge has genuinely filled me with confidence in getting our wee Dane pup, Ophelia in a few weeks time. Thank you to the guys and girls at Great Dane Care.
P.s you can order the book on Amazon UK as I did for ‘us’ across the pond.


Lori   Verified Purchase
I think it’s a great book full of tips and tricks but geared more towards a new great Dane owner vs a seasoned veteran (on Danes #4&5). I definitely agreed with a lot of what it said. I still enjoyed reading through the book. Money well spent. I actually would have loved to have the option to buy a paper version of the book. The online version made it feel like I was scrolling through a Google article. Know what I mean?


Lynette   Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this book. It is light hearted, clearly written, and full of great information on Great Danes. It is a quick read and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting a Great Dane puppy.


Ashley   Verified Purchase
This book is a MUST HAVE for someone who is getting a Dane for the first time – it was a wealth of information on multiple topics. I really appreciated the organization of the sections & how things were listed in an “at-a-glance” format; particularly for the feeding & immunization schedules.
The information is also presented in a way that each owner can absorb & select which methods suit their lifestyles best. Thank you Zach for all of the effort that went into putting this together & also on the Great Dane Care website – we really appreciate these amazing resources for our new pup!


Mike & Jen   Verified Purchase
This book has provided invaluable guidance on numerous topics. We recently purchased our second Great Dane and while familiar with Great Danes we now realize, thanks to the GD puppy book, that we didn’t know as much as we had thought. This book has made a world of difference in the training, nutrition and overall experience of having a new puppy! Thanks and please keep up the great work….the YouTube videos are also a great source of information!


David   Verified Purchase
The great dane puppy handbook was an EXCELLENT beginning source of information leading up to my decision to buy a Great Dane. The information in the book was enough for me to feel informed about this exciting new adventure. As the handbook indicates, it is not a catchall and you should do your due diligence, but it will definitely point you in all the right directions for more comprehensive information!

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Great Dane Book FAQs

1. What will I receive after purchase?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive a link to download “The Great Dane Puppy Handbook” ebook as a PDF file. This link will allow you a maximum of 3 download attempts and is valid for one month after purchase.

For this reason, make sure to use an email address that you have access to. Check your spam folder if you do not see the email arrive within 10 minutes.

2. Will this eBook be updated?

Yes! I care deeply about providing the best available resource for Great Danes and will ensure that this book is updated on a regular basis with the best available information. 

Once you have purchased this book, all future versions will be automatically sent to you free of cost by email.

3. Based on the outline, this eBook does not cover training.

Yes, this is correct. This book does not cover obedience training.

This is not because I do not think that this information is valuable, but because we believe that training deserves its own dedicated book to do the topic proper service.

While it does not detail the specifics of teaching certain commands, it will make recommendations for training approaches.

However, this eBook does cover potty training as it is of particular importance to puppy care.

4. What are all of the chapters covered in the book?

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Finding A Dog
    • Breeder Considerations
    • Shelter Considerations
  • Chapter 3: Preparing Your Home
    • Establish The Puppy Zone
    • Access To Food And Water
  • Chapter 4: Purchases To Consider
    • Bedding
    • Crate
    • Great Dane Crate Criteria
    • Toys
    • Training Gear
  • Chapter 5: Feeding A Great Dane
    • Food Types
    • Food Recommendation
    • Sample Meal Plan
    • Meal Plan Recap
    • How to Change Foods
    • Raised Bowls
  • Chapter 6: Hygiene and Grooming
    • Nail Care
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Oral Care
    • Baby Teeth Transition
    • Brushing & Bathing
  • Chapter 7: Veterinary Care and Medical Decisions
    • Find A Veterinarian
    • First Visits
    • Vaccines
    • Flea, Tick, & Heartworm
    • Great Dane Heat
    • Spay and Neuter
    • Consider Pet Insurance
  • Chapter 8: Diarrhea Sources and Treatment
    • Dietary Indiscretion
    • Food Changes
    • Stress
    • Indigestible Substances
    • Parasites
    • Viral Infections
    • Bacterial Infection
    • Home Remedies for Diarrhea
    • When to See the Veterinarian About Diarrhea
  • Chapter 9: Additional Considerations
    • Exercise
    • Socialization
    • Puppy Biting
    • Pick A Training Approach
    • Potty Training
    • Registration Requirements
  • Chapter 10: Closing Thoughts

5. How will this eBook differ from the website content?

To be clear – we do not put incorrect information on the website. The details that you find there are accurate. However, much of that information is geared at answering obscure or edge-case scenarios that come up.

To put a number on it, the website has several hundred thousand words of content. That is a lot of writing to sort through and digest!

This book is aimed at consolidating and distilling down the information that a Great Dane owner needs to know about caring for their puppy. These details are then presented in a clear, concise, and organized manner in this eBook to educate a Great Dane owner best.

6. Can I gift someone the book?


During checkout, select the small gift basket icon to the right of your email address. This will allow you to enter the recipient’s details so that the book can be sent to them as a gift.

This book makes for a wonderful gift for new Great Dane owners 🙂

7. What is the refund policy?

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, let us know by replying to your order email to ask for a refund.

No questions asked – 100% satisfaction guarantee here!

8. How will this charge appear on my credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay statement?

The charge will show up as having been purchased from “Whistle Media LLC.”

Book Requests

If you’d like to see something else covered in the book that is preventing you from making a purchase, please let us know by dropping us a note on our contact page!