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Are Male Or Female Great Danes Better?

It’s one of the world’s longest lasting wars – the battle of the sexes! In all seriousness, as a new or prospective owner, you may be wondering if a male or female Great Dane is a better fit for your family.

Are male or female Great Danes better? Clearly, there is no single “right” answer to the question around whether male or female Great Danes are better. Much of this decision boils down to personal preference, however, there are certain considerations for each sex that you should take into consideration when making this decision.

With that, let’s jump in and take a look at some of the differences between male and female Great Danes that could factor into your decision.

Picking Between a Male and Female Great Danes

Chances are that you love Great Danes if you’re reading this article right now! Maybe you are in search of the perfect fur baby that fits you and your life.

Now you are here to find out whether you want a boy or a girl and what characteristics are in each one. Keep in mind that while some of these characteristics are generalizations and won’t apply to every single dog.

Considerations for Male Great Danes

The biggest thing to take into consideration with male Great Danes is their size. Now don’t get me wrong, as a giant breed, female Danes are quite large too!

But male Great Danes really put the “giant” in giant breed.

If you’re a first timer with Great Danes or giant breed in general, it may be a lot to handle to learn the nuances of caring for a dog that’s bigger and stronger than you.

Granted, not every male will get this large, but assume you’ll end up with the bigger end when picking.

Male Great Danes typically grow to be approximately thirty to thirty-four inches tall. They also weigh approximately one hundred and twenty pounds to two hundred pounds.

In addition to their larger size, male dogs tend to be bolder and more aggressive in character. This often results in the desire to constantly mark their territory, and may make them less gentle compared to females when it comes to play.

Despite their larger size, many males are the definition of a “mamas boy”. They will snuggle up with their owners indefinitely and rarely tire of physical affection.

The last thing I’ll point out regarding their size is that you can also expect to feed them comparatively more. While this shouldn’t be a deal breaker, it’s worthwhile for consideration to account for the increased cost of feeding them over their lifetime.

Last but not least, with males there is an added benefit of not having to worry about heats or unexpected pregnancies.

While females can certainly be spayed to prevent this from happening, it does bring some peace of of mind when not having to worry about this with a male Great Dane.

It’s worth point out that because many people are drawn to the giant size of Great Danes, that they will gravitate towards males. However, keep in mind that females are still quite large dogs, and it should be the personality traits to matter most when making a selection.

Considerations for Female Great Danes

As I previously hinted at, female Great Danes are still giant dogs. Many grow up to twenty-eight to thirty-two inches tall and can weigh from one hundred to one hundred and forty pounds.

Compared to males, many find female Great Danes easier to train. Perhaps it is their calmer natures or their better focus, but you can generally expect females to be easier to work with.

While males are known for being bolder and more aggressive, females can still be very protective of their homes. There’s no fall off when it comes to their desire to protect their families from would-be intruders!

Females are also fantastic with children and can play gently, while also ensuring that everyone remains together and safe. This probably has something to do with their natural mothering instincts.

On the affection front, females Great Danes are equally appreciative of snuggle time with their owners. However, many also enjoy having periods of downtime to decompress on their own.

Unlike with males, owners of female Great Danes will have to mindful of them going into heat.

It’s common to allow your Great Dane to go through at least one heat before having them spayed, however, you still need to keep a close eye on them to ensure that accidental pregnancies do not occur.

For more information about handling a Great Dane heat, make sure to take a look at our dedicated article here.

Spaying and Neutering for Great Danes

Males typically cost less in “fixing” than female dogs as females require more complicated surgery. It also depends on where you go to get them spayed or neutered.

Feel free to shop around before choosing between a male or a female to get a better idea of the rates in your area.

Males are not recommended to be neutered until they are at least one year of age, otherwise, their appearance will be altered according to their hormones. Female spaying should be around the same tie, however, it is recommended after the females first “cycle”. This way their risk of clots is lowered during the procedure.

Spaying or neutering can lower the chances of dogs gaining aggressive, dominant, or territorial behavior. Many times, these behaviors are brought on by the chemicals and hormones. 

These behaviors are hard to break if allowed to be on a track of being able to do so.

Some of these antsy antics such as roaming and urine-marking are also pretty big in territorial behavior. This behavior can be done by male and female dogs where they “claim” their area. Leaving their odor behind to “warn” others.

“The Fix” Recovery

After your dog has been “fixed”, they typically go home as soon as the anesthesia medicine wears off unless the doctor sees other reasons for them to monitor. It is always best to keep them in a calm area where there are no other animals or children.

Let them rest a lot in the next few days. You do not want them to get up and excited to play fully. Keep them as calm as possible until they are fully healed. Do not bathe or place any other chemical on them until they are fully healed. Keep their cone on as long as possible.

For more information about spaying or neutering a Great Dane, make sure to take a look at our article on the topic here.

The Big Picture

The real point is whether you choose a male or female, you need to know what you’ve got a lot of responsibility ahead of you. Their life expectancy may not be the longest, but they are still looking for a lifetime commitment!

Both male and female Great Danes can make wonderful, loving additions to your family. However, it’s not just their gender that determines their fit for your family, but their individual personalities and needs. Make sure to not take a blanket approach to caring for and integrating your dog into the family.

Just like any other human, how your dog treats you is how you make them feel daily. Keep a calm, loving environment for your dog, and your dog will give calm, loving, and playful. Along with loyalty and many other attributes. 

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