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How To Make a Dog Poop: 6 Tips that Work!

Is your dog having a hard time going to the bathroom? Many dogs will become constipated, causing them to have a difficult time pooping. Many times, this is perfectly normal, and a little change to their diet will help them start to poop again.

Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that you can try at home to help your dog poop!

If your dog is experiencing a bout of constipation, you can follow these 6 tips to help induce a bowel movement:

  1. Remove all distractions
  2. Increase the fiber in their diet
  3. Feed them wet dog food
  4. Add MiraLAX to their diet
  5. Take them for a long walk
  6. Give them fish oil

How To Make My Dog Poop!

If your dog is constipated, these are 6 tips that you can try at home before taking your dog to the vet.

If your dog does not feel good or is showing any other signs of illness, it is best to skip these tips and take them to the vet as there may be something more serious going on. 

#1 Remove all distractionS

Some dogs go outside and, instead of pooping with, become distracted and end up just playing with their toys.

Try removing all toys from your yard and get rid of any other distractions.

As soon as you take your dog outside, do not try to engage them to play. Force them to do their business first. Then, and only then, should you start playing with them or giving them attention.

#2 Increase the fiber in your dog’s diet

Many times the reason that your dog is constipated is that there is not enough fiber in their diet. This will help increase your dog’s intestinal motility.

You can easily add fiber to your dog’s diet by feeding a small amount of canned pumpkin. Do NOT give them pumpkin pie filling as this has added sugars and can cause your dog to have an upset stomach. 

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While canned pumpkin is my favorite option, you can also sprinkle a small amount of Metamucil or powered fiber on your dog’s food.

A small dog will need 1 teaspoon, while a larger or giant breed will need a tablespoon of fiber added to their diet each day. 

#3 Feed them wet dog food

If your dog is constipated and not pooping, their stool is very hard due to a lack of water. By temporarily feeding your dog a canned diet, you are increasing the amount of water they are intaking.

Many dogs love canned dog food and will quickly eat any canned food that they are given. This will help add water to your dog’s colon and help them be able to poop much easier.

Also, make sure that your dog has plenty of water. Giving them freshwater often will help stimulate them to drink more and help with any dehydration that your dog may have. 

Keep in mind that this is NOT meant as a long-term food solution. Just something to – well, get past the sticking point…

#4 Give them MiraLAX

If your dog is very constipated, you can add a little bit of MiraLAX to their diet. MiraLAX is the name brand for the generic medication Polyethylene Glycol 3350.

This medication works by keeping water in your dog’s stool, which will make it easier for them to poop. It uses water already present in your dog’s body to help make their poop more liquid, thus making it easier to pass.  

A typical MiraLAX dosage used in dogs is:

  • For small dogs: 1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon twice a day
  • For medium dogs: 1/4th to ½ teaspoon twice a day
  • For large dogs: ½ to 3/4th a teaspoon twice a day

In some cases, your vet may even prescribe higher dosages of this medication to help with severe constipation or before surgery.

While you do not need a prescription to purchase this medication, you should always discuss any medical issue with your vet before starting anything new in your dog.

#5 Take them for a Walk

When your dog goes for a walk, you may notice that they poop a little more frequently.

Their walking helps stimulate their GI tract and makes it much easier for them to poop. If your dog is ever having trouble pooping, sometimes a quick jog around the block will stimulate them to poop!

The best part about this option? It’s FREE!

Plus, a little exercise is great for you and your dog 😉

#6 Give them fish oil

Fish oil or other omega fatty acids will help coat the GI tract and make it more comfortable for your dog to poop.

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Adding a small amount to your dog’s diet will help them poop a little more frequently. However, be careful to not add too much, or your dog may end up having diarrhea

When do I need to see the vet?

In many cases, your dog will eventually poop.

Some dogs may go a few days in between each bowel movement, and this is okay as long as your dog is otherwise acting normally.

If your dog is showing any of these signs, it is best to see your vet.

1. Blood in their stool

If your dog has any blood in their stool, they should see a vet.

This could be a sign of an infection, parasites, or GI tract bleeding. Your vet will want to take a small fecal sample to check for anything that could be wrong. 

2. Straining to poop

If your dog is straining to poop, they may have eaten something that they should not have, such as a sock, and they are having a hard time passing this object.

Your vet can help your dog pass this. 

3. Your dog has not pooped in more than 2 days

If your dog has not pooped in 2 days and is still acting normal, there may be something wrong.

Intestinal blockages can cause your dog to not be able to poop but still act normal. Some dogs will even be eating when they have an intestinal blockage. 

4. Your dog is vomiting

If your dog is also vomiting, they really need to see your vet right away. They could not be pooping because they have a GI infection or something seriously wrong.

Your vet will want to examine your dog, run bloodwork, and take x rays to determine what is causing your dog to vomit but not poop. 

5. Your dog has diarrhea

Sometimes your dog is not pooping because they have diarrhea. Most dogs with diarrhea will be straining to poop, and many owners think that their dog is constipated.

The real reason that your dog is not pooping is that they have diarrhea, and you are just not seeing them have diarrhea outside.

Your vet can pass a fecal loop into their colon and collect a sample. They will easily and quickly be able to tell you if your dog has diarrhea or if they are constipated. 

Final Thoughts

If your dog is having issues pooping, it is best for them to see your vet. Even if your dog is eating and otherwise acting normal, there may be something else going on.

You can try a few of the simple tricks and tips to help your dog start to poop again. These tips will usually work if your dog does not have anything major going on, causing them to not be able to poop.

If your dog is sick and not pooping, a vet visit is always best!

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  1. Canned pumpkin can stop
    Diarrhea too. Works great on my two guys. They are both very large Danes, so I give them a whole can of plain pumpkin. They will eat it easily, even if their tummy don’t feel so good.


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