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Why Do Great Danes Sit On Everything?

Merle Great Dane sitting on couch

As a hundred plus pound dog you would think that sitting on random objects would not be comfortable! However, the truth is that most Great Danes have no idea just how large they are or how much space that they take up.

Great Danes like to sit on things for comfort and affection. They are extremely affectionate dogs and like to be close to the people that they love. Sitting on objects in a partial squat can also be more comfortable for them than needing to perform a full squat to the ground.

As you can see, there’s not a single reason why these lovable gentle giants like to sit on everything!

Why Do Great Danes Sit on Everything?

Great Danes are one of the larger dog breeds, but in their minds, they don’t feel so big! This is a breed that loves to be around people and soak up all of the attention that they can get.

While they may start out of “small” puppies, they quickly grow into giant dogs. This rapid transformation means that many quite literally do not know just how big they are.

In their minds, they’re still small enough to hop in your lap or be picked up with ease. More likely than not – they’re far too big to do so!

Knowing that it’s not so easy to sit in your lap, many will find another way to get close to you and snuggle! Hence, sitting on chairs, sofas, beds, and virtually anything that they can cram their way into to be with their loved humans.

Be mindful if (or when) you try to shoo your Great Dane off of the furniture. Great Danes are sensitive dogs with big hearts, and all they want is to be close to the people they love. This is the main reason they love to sit on everything you sit on.

They feel more connected to you, and more on your level. Also, the closer they are to you, the better chance they have of getting a random belly rub every now and then 😉

Your Great Dane will be a great addition to the family if you can get used to them sitting on everything and leaning on you like a lap dog.

In addition to getting closer to you, another key reason for sitting is their own general comfort!

Their long limbs make for quite a way to squat all the way down, so by being able to relax halfway down into a squat is actually quite comfortable for them!

Pay close attention the next time that your Great Dane does a regular sit and there’s a good chance that their butt does not actually touch the ground. Be it for flexibility or anthropometry reasons, this mini hover squat is common amongst Danes.

Knowing that achieving a full “butt touching ground” sit isn’t always easy, you can see why having something to squat onto would be quite a comfortable change now!

Other reasons Great Danes sit on everything

There are a few other reasons why your Great Dane is sitting on you and everything else in your house.

Firstly, it could be because they are cold. Specifically, if you have wooden floors and it is cold outside, your Great Dane will most likely try to sleep on the couch or in your bed to stay warm.

Great Danes do not do well in cold weather at all and could get sick very easily just from sleeping in an area that is a little too cold. 

If you find your Great Dane cuddled up on the couch in the morning, it may be best to even cover him up with a blanket. His short fur and low-fat body are not a great combination when it comes to keeping him warm.

You may also find that he wants to cuddle up next to you while you sleep. Not only will he be a great snuggle buddy, but he will be an extremely happy dog if you let him do this!

Regardless of which approach you take, make sure to provide him with a way to stay warm going forward.

When things could be more serious

Another reason your Great Dane may want to sit or lean on you and objects around the house could have a more serious underlying reason. Great Danes are prone to getting hip dysplasia.

Granted, if you adopted your Great Dane from a renowned breeder, then this breeder has most likely done the work to ensure all of his Great Dane puppies aren’t at risk for this disease. That being said, it can still happen. 

Keep an eye on how often and the way in which your Great Dane sits or leans. If he seems to be wanting to lean more than usual or leaning in an awkward position compared to his normal leaning behavior, then it is probably a good time to go to the vet.

Great Danes tend to need more vet check-ups than other breeds anyway, because of their giant bodies. However, if you are noticing this behavior, he definitely needs to be checked out.

Before adopting a Great Dane, it is important to know just how much love and attention they require. Not only this but the fact that they will, without a doubt, be sitting on you and all of your furniture throughout the house.

It doesn’t matter if he has his own dog bed either; he will use it just as much as he uses you for comfort. 

If you can get passed this, then owning a Great Dane will be one of the most rewarding dogs to own. He will be loyal and just as affectionate, if not more than you.

Great Danes aren’t the only dog breed with their own special quirks. After a quick search, I found this article from that talks about how Goldendoodles love to lay on top of their owners! The author, Kern, does a great job providing insight into this similarly curious behavior.

When a Great Dane is left alone

Great Danes require a lot of attention. They are an emotionally needy breed in that sense. If and when you have to be away from home for a while, your Great Dane may start to panic a little.

He may become stressed out enough that he stops eating, or his chewing tendencies could go into overdrive. In fact, separation anxiety is one of the most common sources of destructive chewing.

Therefore creating the potential that he could start chewing on things you don’t want him to chew on. You may also find that once you do come back home, he wants even more attention than usual.

When he does this, it is because he is trying to get you to stay with him. He doesn’t know when you will be leaving again, but all he does know is that he doesn’t want you to leave without him next time.

Your Great Dane will need this recoup time to replenish his affection levels to make up for the time he was spent alone. It is a good idea to plan a few minutes of playtime and direct attention to him whenever you first get home. 

Playing with him will get him right back in his happy mindset and hopefully soon forgetting the time he had to spend alone. This may seem silly, but if you have ever owned a Great Dane, you know it is absolutely true. Great Danes need attention above all else.

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  1. Hi Zach

    I have a 3 year old Great Dane Female. She is always drooling on everything! I first got her when she was a smaller puppy and she drooled a little bit, but not as excessive as she does now. I know as she gets older she will drool alot more more then likely . What are some ideas or things you could recommend to ease her drooling ? Is this a medical issue possibly?

  2. Hey so I have 2 Great Danes. One is Mack hes 2. The other is Duke, hes 5 months, and I just started going back to school, and when I come home they lean on me and sit on me, and whine when mi doing my chores. They haven’t been eating good.. Mack wont eat his food. Duke will only eat Mack’s food. Mack is so skinny. Also when he was a pup. He loved everyone.. and now when my friends little sister comes over he attacks her.. and when my brother comes to visit from Texas if he starts to mess around with me like play fight Mack and Duke will attack him or anyone that even has poked me in front of him.. we need this behavior to stop. how do we get it to stop?


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