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At What Age Do Great Danes Calm Down?

Great Dane running on the beach

Do you have a Great Dane puppy? While they can be very hyper when they are younger and may even be destructive. You may be wondering when will my Great Dane calm down. 

The good news is your Great Dane puppy will eventually settle down. Some Great Danes are very active and energetic their whole lives, while others are calm even as a puppy and would rather sleep on the couch than play. 

At What Age Do Great Danes Calm Down?

Most Great Dane will start to calm down when they are about 2 years old. At this age, Great Danes are no longer considered puppies and are now entering adulthood. 

While you may still have a very happy and energetic dog after they reach 2 years of age, there are a few things that you can do to help them stay calm. 

Why is My great Dane so Energetic?

When trying to get your Great Dane to calm down, you first need to figure out why they are so hyper.

These are a few reasons that would cause your Great Dane to be very hyper!

#1 They are young

The younger your Great Dane, the more likely they are going to be hyper.

Younger dogs are very curious about things around them and often get into everything. As your Great Dane gets older, they will slow down a bit. 

#2 They are not exercised enough

If your Great Dane does not get enough exercise, they will be very hyper. Your Great Dane will need about 2 to 3 hours of exercise each day when they are a puppy.

As they get older, you can decrease the time to about an hour walk each day. 

#3 They are Bored

If your Great Dane gets bored, they will often find a way to entertain themselves. And many times, this is also when they can become destructive…

Since Great Dane’s are so large, they can easily destroy a whole couch in just a few hours to help alleviate their boredom.

If your Great Dane seems bored, give them something approved to chew on, such as a chew stick or toy that will help keep them from destroying things in your house. 

Other things that help with boredom are dog puzzle toys. These usually have a maze that your dog must follow with a treat reward at the end.

Ensure that the toys and chew sticks you get for your Great Dane are strong enough that your Great Dane cannot quickly destroy them or swallow them whole.

This would quickly cause an obstruction and costly surgery for your Great Dane. 

#4 They have anxiety

If your Great Dane has anxiety, it may be very hyper. Some Great Danes do not like when their owners are away and may run and pace around the house.

Teaching your dog that it is okay to be alone will help decrease their anxiety levels. You can even offer them anxiety supplements to help keep them calm.

In severe cases of anxiety, ask your vet about medication to help keep your dog calm while you are away. You can learn more about this topic in my dedicated article on Great Dane anxiety.

What can I do to keep my Great Dane calm?

Now that you have to figure out why your Great Dane is so hyper, you can start training your Great Dane to calm down.

These are a few things that will help keep your Great Dane calm!

#1 Exercise

Exercise is one way to calm down a Great Dane to use up their excess energy. You should take your Great Dane on a long walk around two times a day. They will also need other time to play and have mental stimulation. 

While spending a lot of time exercising with your Great Dane may not be possible, you can even play with your dog outside, where they do more exercise.

These are a few things that you can do to help exercise with your dog while not having to do a lot of physical activity yourself.

  • Throw a ball or frisbee
  • Set up play dates for your dog
  • Take your dog to the dog park to play with other dogs
  • Use puzzle toys for your dog to play with
  • Play tug-o-war
  • Go for a hike

Remember that these are just a few activities that can help your dog burn some excess energy, but don’t limit your Dane to just these!

#2 Provide Mental Stimulation

Giving your Great Dane something to do with their mind will also help keep them calm. This may be teaching them a new trick or giving them a puzzle toy to play with.

Many people will enroll their Great Dane’s in behavioral training to help with their mental stimulation.

Learning a new trick or running an agility course will help keep your Great Dane’s mind sharp as well and help decrease their hyperactivity. 

#3 Neutering or Spaying

While this isn’t its primary goal, spaying or neutering your dog will help them calm down some. By removing these hormones, your Great Dane will calm down some. 

The age at which you chose to spay or neuter your Great Dane is a hot topic right now in veterinary medicine. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recently released a Caine Life Stages Guide and recommended that dogs over 45 pounds should be spayed or neutered once they stopped growing.

For Great Danes, this is commonly between 15 to 20 months. 

Since vets are now recommending for Great Danes to be spayed or neutered later in life, they cannot decrease their activity by removing their hormones. 

#4 Give your Great Dane their Space

Any dog will need a space in the house where they can rest and relax. Give your Great Dane a designated area that they are to go to and be calm.

When you need your Great Dane to be calm, teach them to go to this spot, lay down, and stay calm.  Once it is time to play again, let them know it is now okay to get up and be very active.

This a great to teach your dog, so when you have guests over, your Great Dane is not knocking people over. 

#5 Embrace the Abundance of Energy

One of the best ways to deal with a hyperactive Great Dane is to embrace their high energy levels. This may be what you need to help you get motivated to exercise or go for a hike in the woods.

These high-energy dogs are great at forcing their owners to get out and become very active.  After about 2 years, you can decrease this high activity level as it’s likely that your Great Dane will calm down some. 

Even with many of these different tips and tricks, your Great Dane may be very energetic for their whole lives.  Each Great Dane has a different personality and will adjust to your lifestyle. 

Some Great Danes are calm their whole lives while others are still just as energetic at 7 years old as they were at 6 months old. 

Final Thoughts

If your Great Dane is very hyper, do not worry; they will eventually calm down! While this may just be a little bit, they will learn the world around them and will no longer be as active.

You can help decrease their activity level with exercise, mental stimulation, and time. Your Great Dane will begin to calm down once they reach 2 years of age, but in the meantime, you can try a few of these tips and tricks to help your Great Dane remain calm.

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    • It could be food/treats that are causing it. Try adding some fresh pureed pumpkin to their meals to help resolve it.

    • It could be the oils they use to make the food as well. Bil-jac was our saving grace. They don’t use oils and you don’t have to do the gradual change over either. Just switch it and when we did the diarrhea was gone in a day


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