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The Best Great Dane Toys Actually Worth Buying

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

These gentle giants may spend the majority of their day sleeping, but in between zoomies, it’s a good idea to have some Dane-friendly toys ready.

Regardless of whether or not your Great Dane is a big chewer, they have very strong teeth and jaws that can quickly destroy the average dog toy. We learned this the hard way by going through toy after toy with our first Great Dane until we found some that withstood the test of time and play!

While your Great Dane is young, it’s good to experiment with different types of toys. Experiment with various types of hard bones and other chew toys, as well as the soft plush variety.

great dane playing with toy

While soft plush ones may not always last as long, some Great Danes love them. Especially so while going through teething periods.

Finding a good set of toys that your Great Dane enjoys not only makes life more enjoyable for them but is also a great way to burn off extra energy.

This is especially helpful for alleviating/preventing separation anxiety when left home alone. In addition to their added toughness, a good toy for Great Danes is also physically larger in size.

Our Favorite Great Dane Toys!

  1. Chuckit! Mega Ball Launcher

    What dog doesn't love a good play session of fetch? This nifty little ball launcher takes fetch to a whole new level as you're able to heave a ball 2-3 times further than by hand alone. Add in it's lightweight and portability, and it's a match made in heaven to tire out Fido.

    While we love this launcher, its one downside is that it does come with a flimsy ball. Depending on how much your Great Dane likes to chew, the original ball may not last very long. 

    We were quick to replace it with the Chuckit! Ultra ball. This tough little ball lasts much longer and is also very bouncy making it a fun all-around ball to throw for your Dane.

    Buy on Amazon
  2. Nylabone Dura Chew (X-Large)

    If antlers gross you out, then your next best option will be a nylabone. Like antlers, they can last several months at a time and are a great fit for persistent chewers.

    They also come with the added benefit of having raised ridges that help to clean your dog's teeth. Last but not least, they come in a variety of flavors to keep your dog interested and are manufactured in the United States.

    Buy on Amazon
  3. KONG Floppy Knots

    While many Great Danes love soft toys, they, unfortunately, don't last very long. The best middle ground that we've found is the Kong floppy knots dog toy. 

    They have no internal stuffing to prevent accidental ingestion and future messes but are tough enough to withstand some rough play. The varied textures and squeakers are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your Great Dane 😉

    As with their classic dog toy, Kong was kind enough to create a big dog version!

    Buy on Amazon
  4. ZippyPaws Interactive Toy

    Interactive toys are a fantastic way to keep your dog interested. Mental engagement is not only good for them but can help to burn off a surprising amount of energy.

    Rather than placing an emphasis on food, this particular interactive toy from Outward Hound creates a game of hide and seek to entertain your Dane! Its bigger size also makes it great for large dogs such as Great Danes.

    Buy on Amazon
  5. Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball (Large)

    It should come as no surprise that a giant dog wants a giant ball right?! We figured this out after our Great Dane kept chasing down soccer balls at the park! 

    After getting her a couple of her own soccer balls, we realized to our dismay that she could pop them in a single play session!

    It looked like we were out of luck until we discovered the Chuckit! Kick Fetch ball. Its durability and large size make it a perfect fit for a Great Dane. 

    Better yet, you'll find that in the process of throwing, kicking, and punting this ball around for your dog to chase you sneak in some exercise of your own 😉

    Buy on Amazon
  6. KONG Cozie Plush Dog Toy

    If you're looking for a true plush toy, then I'd recommend sticking to a tried and true brand like KONG. They make all-around great toys and this line is no different. 

    These cuddly plush toys are created with extra layers to help them last longer and come in ten different cuteness-overloaded characters.

    They also come with minimal filling to prevent future messes and a squeak to the entire play. Stick to the XL version and your Great Dane is bound to love it!

    After the Cozies, I'd recommend simply buying plush toys as they come on sale at your local pet store. At least that way you won't be spending a small fortune each time they destroy a cute plush toy!

    Buy on Amazon
  7. KONG Classic Dog Toy (XXL)

    In my experience, the Kong classic dog toy takes the cake as the most indestructible dog toy ever built! It has been around for over 40 years, and its tough natural rubber construction holds up to even the most persistent of chewers. 

    Give it a toss and watch your Great Dane have fun running it down thanks to the erratic bounces caused by its oblong shape.

    Last but not least, you can place a hunk of peanut butter on the inside. This not only provides your dog with a treat but requires a bit of mental stimulation to retrieve it.

    Note: We recommend going for the XXL version as it's sized for dogs 85 pounds and up, but feel free to get a smaller version if your dog is still a puppy.

    Buy on Amazon
  8. Premium Large Elk Antlers

    For persistent chewers, antlers provide a wonderful outlet without the need to constantly replace them like bully sticks or other chews. They are extremely durable and can last for months depending on how often your dog is chewing on them. 

    Compared to processed bones, whole antlers are very unlikely to splinter or chip and create a choking hazard.

    If you care about quality, it's hard to argue with antlers. They are 100% natural and come with zero additives or preservatives. This not only ensures you're not feeding something harmful to your pooch but that they also get one tasty experience!

    These elk antlers are all-natural, come in XXL sizes perfect for giant breeds, and are sourced in the USA.

    In addition to their extreme durability, they don't come with the added worry of rawhide bones (link to AKC article with more detail on this topic). 

    Rawhides are a less-than-ideal choice for several reasons:


    • Rawhides are made with leftovers from the meat industry and often with questionable ingredients and processing
    • Large chunks of rawhide swallowed can cause choking and internal blockages
    • Bacterial contamination and gastric irritation
    Buy on Chewy

While this article covers the best toys for Great Danes, we’ve got a similar article that covers toys for $5 or less! This is great when you’re trying to stick to a budget 🙂

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Buying Guide

As experts in Great Dane toys, we understand the importance of choosing the right products for your beloved giant!

In this buying guide, we will provide you with essential tips and information to help you make an informed decision. Remember, our main goal is to ensure your Great Dane’s happiness and well-being.

Consider Your Dog’s Size and Age

Great Danes are massive dogs, so it is essential to choose toys that suit their size and strength. As they grow, their level of interaction with toys will also change.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider your dog’s age when making your purchase.

  • For puppies, select softer toys that are easy on their developing teeth and jaws.
  • For adolescents and adults, opt for more durable toys that can withstand their powerful bites and vigorous play.

Focus on Durability and Safety

When purchasing toys for your Great Dane, prioritize durability and safety. Search for high-quality materials like natural rubber or heavy-duty fabrics to ensure your dog’s toy can withstand wear and tear without breaking apart.

Remember to inspect toys regularly for any potential hazards, such as broken pieces or exposed stuffing. A broken toy can quickly become a choking hazard or cause digestive issues if ingested.

Importance of Mental Stimulation

Interactive toys play an essential role in keeping your Great Dane mentally stimulated.

Look for toys that encourage your dog to think, like puzzles or treat dispensers. These types of toys help exercise their minds, prevent boredom, and reduce the risk of destructive behavior.

Tailor to Your Dog’s Play Style

When selecting toys for your Great Dane, consider their play style.

Each dog is unique, so understanding their preferences will help you select the appropriate toys.

  • Chewers: Choose durable chew toys designed to withstand your dog’s strong jaws.
  • Fetchers: Opt for durable balls or flying discs that are easy to catch and throw.
  • Tuggers: Look for tough and durable tug toys that can endure intense play sessions.

By following this buying guide, you can find the perfect toys to ensure your Great Dane’s happiness and comfort while keeping them safe and entertained.

Always remember to supervise playtime and replace worn-out or damaged toys as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top chew toys for Great Danes?

We recommend looking for durable and tough chew toys specifically designed for large breed dogs, such as Kong and Nylabone toys. When choosing a chew toy, make sure it is appropriately sized and can withstand the strong jaws of a Great Dane.

Which plush toys are suitable for Great Danes?

While Great Danes may enjoy plush toys, many of them may not be durable enough to last long. We suggest trying out the Kong Cozie plush toys that are designed with extra layers of materials to increase their durability and resistance to tearing.

What kind of puzzle toys can challenge a Great Dane?

Puzzle toys that require problem-solving and mental engagement are suitable for Great Danes. Our favorites include the Kong Wobbler, Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys, and Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toys. Just make sure to choose a puzzle toy that can accommodate larger treats or kibble pieces.

How can I provide mental stimulation for my Great Dane?

Apart from using puzzle toys, you can also engage your Great Dane in interactive games such as hide and seek or engage their natural hunting instincts by hiding treats or toys around the yard for them to find. Training exercises, like learning new tricks or commands, are also excellent ways to provide mental stimulation while also strengthening your bond with your dog.

What activities do Great Danes enjoy for playtime?

Great Danes are often playful and energetic, enjoying a variety of activities. Some options include playing fetch with a rubber ball or frisbee, going for a swim, or indulging in a game of tug-of-war. Remember to cater these activities to your Great Dane’s size and age, to ensure their safety and comfort during playtime.

What are effective ways to keep Great Danes entertained?

Keeping your Great Dane entertained requires a mix of physical and mental stimulation. In addition to the activities and toys mentioned earlier, consider rotating their toys regularly, taking them for long walks, or enrolling them in dog agility or obedience classes. By providing a balanced variety of entertainment, you can ensure a happy and well-rounded Great Dane.

7 thoughts on “The Best Great Dane Toys Actually Worth Buying”

    • I have 2 big babies. My tips are take them out as soon as they are done eating, sleeping, and playing. Praise them when they “go”! We had a few accidents but only maybe a handful. Good luck!

  1. Always take them out the same door. We have 2 doors leading to the back yard and our dane was confused over which door was the “potty” door. After we stuck to the same door for a week she had it down pat!

  2. Hang bells on the door knob so they have a signal you can both hear – my puppy got excited she could tell us and wait by the door for us to let her out.

  3. Same here. Our 6 month old big pup sits by the same door and let’s us know she needs to go other than the normal trips. Only issue so far is when it rains. She actually loves water! But when it rains she prefers to go inside. Extra large dogs = extra large messes! We are still figuring it out! She def does better with positive praise versus a “bad girl” response. They are so smart and already know what they’ve done is “bad”. Huge thanks on the toy info! She loves the ChuckIT glow in the dark ball. Has not been able to destroy it yet. Helpful with the earlier darker evenings. Con = It can roll under furniture easily so we are going to purchase a bigger one.

  4. I got a large plush from the pet store, removed the stuffing and put two of the rubber squeak piggies that you can find in almost any Walmart. Then I took some heavy duty thread and did my best impression of sewing it back together. My dane loves it and, although it looks ratty, generally tries to find it and squeak it once or twice a day.


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